About Southern Maine Transit Tracker


What is Southern Maine Transit Tracker (SMTT)? 


SMTT  is a transit information system that includes the installation of computer and GPS devices  onboard all Casco Bay Lines ferries and Metro and South Portland buses.  The SMTT system is used by agency  dispatchers, customer service agents, captains and drivers as a part of their daily routine.  The data collected by the system is used by managers to manage, plan and improve service.  In addition to its operational and  management functionality, SMTT also provides real-time and predicted arrival information  to riders.  There are a variety of tools, as described below, available for both desktop and mobile devices.

  • Watch buses and ferries travel in Real-time (RT) and map your routes and stops on a Google base map.  The map also includes ETA pop-ups and links to agency info. Best for use on desk and laptop computers.
  • Find the ETA, within a 30 minute look-up window, for your favorite stops using any web-enabled device.  Or, text to SMTT (stop ID) 41411 for ETA and alerts sent by Short Message Service (SMS) on any text-enabled phone.
  • Making use of the SMTT open data policy, 3rd party developers, such as TransitApp, Moovit and Nokia have created mobile apps for the region.  Find your favorite mobile app, or create one!
  • The SMTT open data is shared with Google Transit to provide trip planning assistance, schedules and links to agency information.  Data is also available on Google Maps for mobile devices.



Real-Time Transit Information